Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sleepy in Seattle

It's Amy. I am with mom and dad at Melana's condo in Seattle. They have both been sleeping in the livingroom, uncomfortably, for the past hour. I was afraid to wake them for fear they wouldn't fall back to sleep, but mom woke up a few minutes ago and they are both resting comfortably in the bedroom now.

Although mom is the one who had chemo today, dad isn't feeling very well. Mom seems fine, just a little bit tired. This round of chemo, at least the first few hours of it, doesn't seem to be knocking her off of her feet like the past few rounds have. The couple of treatments she had off around the wedding probably helped to lower the toxicity in her body. I hope this round continues to cooperate with her body... while still continuing to work!

My dad had blood work and a CT scan today. I will join him and mom tomorrow morning back at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for the test results. He sure doesn't seem to be feeling well this past week. We are hoping that means the new stuff is working. He is starting to get some of the side effects of this chemo. Side effects are never good, but if it means it is attacking the tumors the way it is attacking the rest of his body, we are moving in the right direction.

Sometimes it's tough to find something positive to write about. I must say, it helps to know that we are surrounded by so much love and kindness. Cancer is a crippling disease for not only the cancer patients, but the people in their lives as well. We can all use a dose of "medicine" every now and then. Sometimes it's chemo, sometimes it's ice cream, and sometimes it's just a big hug or a thoughtful prayer. Thanks again for being the medicine this family needs to get thru another day.

Holding strong-


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking care of Mom & Dad tonight in Seattle. I dont feel as bad doing the things that I love to do (like reffing tonight) when I know they are taken care of. I got news today that a fellow referee lost his battle with cancer this morning and it just seems too overwhelming today. I am really getting tired of this disease....

Love you,

CFCina said...

Angie--Sorry to hear about your fellow referee losing his fight. Hang in there...I'm too am just plan tired of this horrible disease!

I'm huge on positive thoughts & prayer and sending as many I can to your folks, all your family/friends and the great folks at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance center.

Continuing to Dream Big!!
~ Kathy C -- Relay friend in Oregon

Anonymous said...

cancer sucks, I also am so tired of it. I lost my dad and now my husband is going thru it, and his isn't postive.When my dad was going thru his cancer a dr at uw told me the best advice ever ,"cancer id horrible and there is nothing good about it, but cancer does give you something.... time. timne we would waste otherwise and not enjoy each day and make them precious." every day I have to hold onto that thought.I am hoping and praying you het some postive news from the ct scan. We are heading to SCCA at the end of the month to retry a treatment to buy more time, It worked 1 1/2 years ago. Hang on you are in the worse spot to be in the caregiver spot. Donna Anderson Moses Lake

Anonymous said...

Amy, I am sending my prayers tonight for you and your parents and Angie and Jacob.
I love you all,
Hugs and God Bless
Debbie H

Linda - Canada said...

Thinking of you all today and sending many prayers for good results.

Michelle said...

Having a mom who is battling lung cancer since 2006, I read this blog often, but comment rarely. Praying for good CT results... The waiting is the worst.

Thank you for this blog... you help so many.


Diana said...

Hi Amy,
I too am praying for good results tomorrow for your Dad and that the chemo is doing its stuff for your Mom. I will be back at SCCA on Friday and I'll look in to see if your folks are there.
Diana Lindsay