Monday, January 05, 2009

Chemo Eve

It's going to be an early night tonight since we have to be in Seattle by 8:20am. Rick is already asleep on the couch. I don't think he's been feeling well lately but he never complains and when I ask, he just says "I'm fine". It has been 2 years since he started chemo and I think the routine is starting to take it's tole on him.

Jake stopped by on his way home tonight. Just as I had imagined, he's very tan from his honeymoon. Those Schmitt kids only have to be in a warm location and I swear they start to get brown.

Angie and Shannon came over after dinner tonight and visited for a while. I haven't seen the girls in over a week so it was nice to see them. We watched the Fiesta Bowl together (because football never ends at our house)

I've been feeling good lately and I just realized that I haven't had chemo since the Tuesday before the wedding. I'm sure the break was good for my body but I need to get back on track so these drugs can do their job.

I'm not sure if you'll hear from me tomorrow night (I could be usual day of chemo behavior. I promise to write on Wednesday to let you know how Rick's scans turned out.

Thanks for all your love and support,
Dreaming Dor


The Stemkoski's said...

Thinking of you Rick and Doreen! Sending great big (((hugs))) your way.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and Rick. I have read every blog you have written. I think you missed your calling, you should have been an author. From your blogs I feel very close to your family and I have learned so much from you. Like how not to sweat the small stuff. My view of life is a whole lot different from knowing you and your family. Look out 2009, here comes the Schmitt family!!!

Dreaming only good thoughts,

Dixie (Heather's mom)