Sunday, January 04, 2009

800th Blog

Wow. Can you believe that I've written 800 blog entries? That is a lot of rambling, oops, I mean typing. When I first started writing this blog in April of 2006 the blog site said it could only hold 1,000 entries. My next goal....outlive my website limit.

Last night we celebrated with our friend Ann who will be leaving for Iraq on Friday. Ann is a longtime friend who is in the Air Force Reserves and is the mother of 2 sets of twins. Although she's been preparing for a journey like this for a long time, it's hard not to worry about her while she's gone. She is a nurse and assures me that she'll be in a safe area. Safe area in Iraq? Is that possible? Well, I'll worry about her the entire times she's gone anyway.

This will be another busy week in Seattle. I have chemo on Tuesday, Rick has scans on Tuesday and will get test results on Wednesday. My hope is that the tumors have remained stable... But no matter what, they have started the new chemo routine so we should see some changes soon. I have scans next week so we'll learn more about how my clinical trial is working then.

Jake and Megan made it home safely from their honeymoon. They had a great time, but tomorrow it's time to get back to the daily grind with work and school.

We still have snow from the past couple weeks and it's starting to come down again. As much as I love snow...I'm done with it for the year. It makes me nervous to have my kids all driving to their jobs and it makes me nervous to drive anywhere.

I tried to download some photos to share with you but somethings not working tonight. Maybe it's the computer operator?

Love you more than all the snowflakes that are falling...
Dreaming Big,

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Anonymous said...

I aagree 100% no more snow! we are getting more in moses lake right now. The end of the month we have to go to scca for a consulation and the pass needs to be clear.Good luck with all the test and only good results