Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chemo Free Friday

I wasn't feeling well when I went to SCCA on Friday (with Pam and Jake). After my blood work they discovered that my white count wasn't right and it sounded like something was going on in my lungs (duh?). My doc sent me to x-ray and it was discovered that I have something (infection) going on in my lungs so instead of chemo they put me on an antibiotic.

The good news is, Pam's 6th month check-up was GREAT! Clean bill of health for the next 6 months.

The bad news, Jake was in with me while they accessed my port and drew blood....I thought he was going DOWN>>>> his face turned white, he started sweating and said, Mom "I think I'll skip that part from now on".

Our town is still fighting the flood with hopes that it is going to subside soon.

Dreaming Big,

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Anonymous said...

Huge sigh....Hope you start feeling better and that infection goes away. Along with the cancer. Any new news about a different lung or how long?

Don't over due yourself, try to rest, ask for favors, stay warm, and finish all your antibiotics.