Friday, January 30, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Here's what's happening in the busy world according to "Schmitt".  Thursday was a great massage day, then an overnight trip to Seattle with my chemo buddy Cathy.  We spent the night at Melana's since she is on a vacation and we were able to get some extra sleep this morning before going to my appointments.  

Last night we had a wonderful dinner at Ivar's Salmon house on Lake Union, came home and looked at all the wedding photos, watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice then went to bed and slept like babies.  This morning we  got ready and walked over to a quaint little bakery and had a coffee and a danish.

Everything went well with Chemo today.  Every appointment was early and it didn't take much longer than an hour and a half in the infusion room.  I pretty much have this process down to a science now.   I told my doctor that I believe I'm living with just the right amount of denial.  It allows me to have fun with what ever friend or relative brings me down for my appointment, then I get "real" during the infusion....then it's back to fun and games.  Both of my doctors today said I had a healthy amount of denial.  I think they're very smart.

Yesterday before I left for Seattle, I spoke with Sheila from Bonnie J. Addario's Lung Cancer Foundation and they are working on a "story of lung cancer" and they asked if I was willing to share mine.  I share it with all of you everyday so, I said "why not"?  They really want to show the world that lung cancer doesn't have to look like a old unhealthy smoker.  I'll keep you all posted on how it's coming along.

My mom is still feeling well.  Let's hope that keeps us.  Rick is doing well.  He is really adjusting to the fatigue and the other side effects that came with this Erbitux.  I'm praying that this is as rough as it gets for a while.  We need a break.

Angie is in Tampa right now with Shannon celebrating the Super Bowl.  I haven't talked to her tonight but Jake did and she told him that she had her photo taken with 3 famous football players.  I can't wait to see her photo album when she gets home.  I'm sure she's having a ball.

Amy is finishing up her Mexican siesta and is due home tomorrow.  We are all spending Super Bowl at Jake and Megan's on Sunday (except Angie who will actually be at the game in Tampa). 

I had such a great time with Cathy over the past couple of days and I hope she knows how much I appreciate the time and love she shares with me when I know she has lots of other things on her plate.  You're a priceless gem.  

When I got home today, Cathy tucked me in on the sofa and I woke up tonight around 6:45 when Rick got home.  The sleep was just what I needed.  

I hope you're all rooting for the Arizona Cardinals this weekend.  (Don't forget how Pittsburgh cheated when they played the Seahawks a couple of years ago....I'm not bitter....)

Dreaming Big (and tired)

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