Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowday Sleepover

Tonight Doreen is sleeping overnight closer to Seattle so that she can be assured of getting to her chemo treatment on time tomorrow. She will be under direct strict supervision for the remainder of this evening through her treatment tomorrow. Feel free to ask how the night went.
('s Doreen again...Cousin Joe wrote the blog tonight but he forgot to mention that I'll be under the care of Joe, Erik, Aunt Jessie and Uncle Mel. With the weather still being scary they've offered to help me out. Rick was originally going to take me to Seattle but when they offered we couldn't help but take them up on the deal. With the Holiday week at hand, he has plenty of work to do before he has a few days off).
We had a wonderful night last night celebrating Christmas with my family. With all the excitement coming up in the next few days, it will be nice to have the next few days to just get ready for the wedding. Angie might be heading to Portland, and Amy might be heading to Seattle over the next few days. I hope they have a great time celebrating the rest of their Christmas vacations.
It's going to be really nice tomorrow showing Aunt Jessie and Uncle Mel where Rick and I spend all our time getting treatment. I think it's healthy for them to see how nice we're treated and loved.
Dreaming Big, and hoping for the snow to melt.
Love you more,

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