Friday, November 14, 2008

Reach Out and Touch Someone

As I sit here alone in my warm, loving home I wonder how many lives have changed by entering it's doors. Today I had another mini meltdown (because of something good) and Amy reminded me how I touch people in ways that I have no idea. I hope that is true since I can't thank you all personally for all the Haggen Cards that keep filling my mailbox. Someone just paid for my new nebulizer and meds to help me breath better...If I keep this crying up, I might need to get a stronger dose of crazy pills :) Just kidding. I'm not crazy...just crazy about all of you. Some of you have given us permission to spend the cards any way we could use them best. So, Wednesday night I traded a couple of them in for gas cards. It's been a great help getting us to and from chemo twice a week.

My heart is kind of sad as I sit here tonight wishing I was in San Francisco celebrating Lung Cancer with Bonnie, Sheila, their family, Nancy, Kate, my kids, and all the people I've learned to love in the lung cancer world over the past 3 years. Best wishes on your most successful Gala ever. I promise to be there next year with a pretty new dress and a smile. I will also be hoping to show you the cure we've discovered....but I don't want to jinx anything.

This new anti-nausea medicine wipes me out. I literally sleep for 15-18 hours after I've taken it. If I do wake up during that duration, I couldn't tell you what I did, or who I did it with....Oh, I guess this could be dangerous if I'm left alone with the wrong people...or the right people :)

Rick is at a meeting in Monroe that doesn't start until 8:00pm, so I'm thinking about getting my jammies on and watching a movie on Lifetime with a bowl of freshly popped white popcorn (and a little salt and butter....yum). Ok, I just talked myself into saying good bye to all of you. You're welcome to come on over if you're not doing anything...the only thing required is you must be wearing your pj's and bring your favorite pillow and blanket.

Love you more than all the leaves in our yard that are now starting to annoy me. They no longer look like beautiful autumn decorations...they now look like slimy messy autumn storm debris. Oh well, one more big gust of wind, and they'll be in the fields (or the neighbors yard).

Dreaming Bigger than EVER,


Linds in Vegas said...

Just a friendly "I love you" from one of the people whose lives were changed by walking through your inviting, charming, uplifting front door...

Anonymous said...

Lifetime is dangerous.. It's been a while since I've spent a whole Sat. or Sun. at my moms house balling my eyeballs out. I think I'm due. Good shows!