Saturday, November 15, 2008

A great day!

I have the privilege of writing the blog today and I promise to keep it short and positive.
Today was an excellent day. Rick and Doreen enjoyed being with friends and doing things they like to do.
For Rick it was firing up the chain saw, cutting, splitting and stacking firewood, working in the yard on a beautiful day and watching some football.
For Dor, it was shopping, shopping and... a little more shopping. Thanks goodness she found some fantastic deals and great buys which made this tiring adventure worth while.
The night ended with everyone enjoying some Mexican food and a frosty cold and fruity margarita.
(That's why I'm writing the blog and Dor is in bed)

I have some fantastic news!!
Not sure if I'm supposed to say anything but I'll tell you what I heard.
Most of us know cancer patients are not eligible for transplants.
Most of us DON'T know there is an exception.
The exception (as I heard it) is: "If the cancer remains in the organ it originated from and doesn't spread to any other part of the body, that person could be eligible for an organ transplant." That's what I call great news because that's exactly the case for our Dor.
Her lung cancer has stayed in her lungs and not spread to any other part of her body.
She might be eligible for a couple new lungs!!!

Now before you start doing cart wheels and yelling "Yahoo", let's wait for Angie and Jacob to return from the Cancer Convention they are attending in San Francisco for a full report.
I'm sure there is a hundred different stipulations and honestly right now this information is nothing more than hear say, so stay tuned for the future blogs.

I will leave you with some words of wisdom that are guaranteed insure less stress and longer life.
They are the two main rules in life, so adopt the these rules in your everyday life today.
You thought it was going to be something really profound, didn't you?

Have a great weekend (or what's left of it) and stay tuned for more news.
The Mystery Blogger

P.S. Do not attempt discover the identity of the Mystery Blogger. Attempts will cause your computer will self destruct!!


Amy Schmitt said...

I am NOT the mystery blogger so please stop calling me about it. I promise, it's not me!

Anonymous said...

Well that is some great news! thanks for sharing mystery blogger!