Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Lung Cancer Awareness Month

I woke this morning to my husband who wasn't feeling well. He was having a pain/ache in his belly and I needed to call someone. Anyone, who would listen to my concern. Rick agreed to let me call Seattle Cancer Care, they asked a bunch of questions, gave some good advice, told Rick to relieve the pain with some Vicodin. It wasn't what he wanted to do, but in order to get me to stop crying he finally agreed :) I decided that my emotions were a little raw because today we also helped Jake move into his apartment. Exit...last child from the home.

Jake and Megan's apartment is really cute and they'll have it feeling like their home in no time. Rick, my dad, my sister in law Vickie, Megan's mom and I all helped the kids for a few hours getting their apartment in order. Now all 3 of our kids have cuter homes than we do :(

Tonight when we returned home and checked our mail, we got some special cards from unknown senders with special little gift cards inside. You know who you are, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I promise to pay your generosity forward. Someday, sometime, someone will need our help, and we'll be there for them. Oh, by the way...the cards made me start crying again. Just what I needed.

I'm heading to bed for a good nights sleep. I have a fun day planned at Jan Schemenauer's house tomorrow. She's having a Southern Living open house party with proceeds going to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. She is also having us bring food items for our local food bank. 2 great causes in one day. If you're not doing anything and would love to join us for an afternoon of fun and prizes, stop by Jan's anytime between 1 and 5. Call me for directions.

Dreaming Big (with wet puffy eyes),

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