Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I'm not sure if's it's my age, or the fact that I don't have to actually take my kids trick-or-treating anymore, but I think I'm starting to enjoy Halloween. I'm attaching photos of our 8 guests we had tonight (Dorothy, Glenda the good witch, the lion, a werewolf, a lady bug, another lion, and 2 little cuties from the 50's with their poodle skirts)

When I think back on the faces of my adorable kids as they stomped through mud and leaves on Halloween all those years ago, I guess it wasn't near as bad as I've made it out to be. Any day we get to spend with the people we love...are wonderful days...and I have way TOO MANY to count.

My old boss and principal took Rick and I out for lunch today. Much to our surprise, another friend who saw us eating lunch picked up the tab before we could even argue who would pay the bill. What a wonderful world we live in. Thanks Koetje's! Lunch was great.

I got an e-mail today from one of the authors who's book I have on my list of "books you must read". We've never met, but she somehow learned that I had her book posted on my blog. Isn't it funny how we get connected to people we may never have had the opportunity to meet?

Rick and I are both feeling good tonight. I think tomorrow we'll start to help Jake move into his new apartment. I'm going to take my time....I'm not quite ready to break up with him yet :)

I really want to thank all of you who have offered to be our chauffeurs, HOV buddies, traveling companions, 64th Avenue Shuttle Service. I am going to take you up on your offers if you really mean it. Traveling to Seattle twice a week may get old, but if I have all of you to add a little excitement to my journey I may not even realize what I'm going for. Thank you again for your friendship and support. We feel so LOVED.

Dreaming "Spooky" Dreams,

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