Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween Eve

My favorite holiday will be here tomorrow ...and you all know how I feel about it. I would rather wax my nose hairs then celebrate it. Rick did his usual Halloween shopping and bought a 5 pound bag of good candy bars (for those 3 kids we might get). They rest will be in a leftover bowl where I will try my best to stay out of them.

Amy wrote an awesome blog yesterday and it's always hard for me to follow a message from someone else. I'm so happy the women in her barracks were touched by my daily missives. It was the least I could do while they protected our lives.

My chest (and the site they put my port in) are still a little sore tonight, but nothing like it was yesterday. Everyday I get a little closer to being back to normal.

As I'm sitting here at the computer, my eyes keep dozing off. I need to get into bed and catch up on lost sleep. I'll write more tomorrow.

Dreaming Big,

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ORION said...

I'm so honored to see my book on your side bar!
As Perry would say.
That is so totally cool!
Much aloha
Patricia Wood