Friday, November 21, 2008

Apple Cup Weekend (yawn)

When I first starting posting blog messages, I promised that I would continue this journey with all of you no matter what. I'm sure times will be tough every once in a while, but if we're all in this together, it won't hurt half as bad.

You know how some days you can't recall doing anything really important....but after you give it some thought, it all turned out to be very important? Today was like that. I had coffee with two dear friends, went to the doctor with my father in law, grocery shopped and saw some people I hadn't seen in a long time, gave some important hugs, saw my friend Pam Pinkham who I thought had dropped off the face of Stanwood and instead was waiting to visit with me right outside the bookstore (though she didn't know it), went to my favorite little store Rustic Impressions with Pam, Pam, and Gail...and now I'm home. Some days, the people I see are more important than the stuff I do. Coffee, friendship and laughter. A perfect combination.

Although it's Apple Cup weekend...I would rather be eating a pear. Sorry Cougar and Husky fans. I hope we can all stay awake long enough to see the end of what should be a painfully boring game. I bought some goodies so it feels like we're celebrating but I might actually get more enjoyment out of knitting a scarf. Just for the sake of it....Go Cougs!

Rick and I are both feeling good. He's been a little tired but that's expected. This was my off week from chemo, so I tried to enjoy as much of a break as possible.

I'm loving the stormy weather (as long as I get to stay inside). Be safe, stay warm, and Dream Big.


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Anonymous said...

Although it has been re-named 'The Crapple Cup' this year, ONE team will end up with bragging rights for another 364 days. And it's a great reason to get together with friends and family - and maybe watch something 'like' football. At least ONE Washington team will have a win this weekend!
Enjoy! And thanks for being here for all of us. YOU make OUR day!