Saturday, November 22, 2008

How 'bout that Apple Cup?

Ok, I know yesterday I was whining about having to watch the Apple Cup...but in the end...the Cougs won in a barn burner.

Today was a very laid back day. I got up and made some soup. We watched the game. I worked on a scarf. Loaded my I-touch with our weekly appointments. Our friends Reid and Cathy came by and we visited until after 7:00. I ordered pizza for dinner and now it's time for bed. I feel a little embarrassed about being so lazy, but next week is a busy one again so it can't hurt to catch up on a little rest.

I must say that I notice a big difference in how I feel during my week off from chemo. I'm not near as tired and my joints haven't hurt since Tuesday. Truth is, if those are the only problems I have during my treatments...I'm a lucky girl.

Tomorrow I have a luncheon to attend for Megan. I need to get to bed now since I'll be starting my day early. It takes me a lot longer to get "beautiful" for special events. :)

Amy had another busy weekend in Tacoma with the Air Force, Angie is officiating a college basketball game at Linfield College in Oregon tonight, Jake is finally feeling better after a long week of feeling cruddy, and my Ricky boy...well, he's just cute.

Congratulations Coug Fans,
Keep Dreaming Big....

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