Friday, October 24, 2008

Update from St. Louis

My mom called me tonight from St. Louis to fill me in about her busy day. She said her flight arrived at about 8:00 am and the American Cancer Society session started at 8:25 am so she didn't have much time to get herself ready. She said the session was very informative and that she met a number of amazing people. Her "new best friend" Carol is from Wisconsin and is attending this ACS conference alone too. The two of them seem to have hit it off and went for a walk around the city today. Mom spoke about the gorgeous arcitecture and said she saw the arch today. Tomorrow she hopes to find time after the ACS session to ride to the top of the arch to see a view of the city. She told me it would be like "George Jetson riding around in the bubble spaceship thing." She makes me smile...

Mom will be flying out of St. Louis tomorrow night at 6:30 pm and heading back here to rest up before her busy week of appointments. I'm sure she will post pictures or give you a more detailed description of her trip when she gets home and is well rested.

Have a great weekend-

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