Thursday, October 09, 2008

Little House on the Prairie?

A few months back, I spoke of how wonderful it would be to live in the days without all the hustle and bustle that we face in our everyday lives. Well, I got out of bed this morning, stripped my bedding to do a load of wash, loaded the dishwasher to run it, got naked to take my shower...and discovered we had no water. None. Zippo. Nada. Dry as a bone. (a big construction job near our house apparently needed the water off for the whole day...I didn't get the notice)

It didn't take long for me to put my pj's back on to ponder what my liquid free day would be like. First things first. I made a nice warm fire. Took all my medicine. Had an Oreo cookie for breakfast then I started to iron. Since I still had electricity I couldn't get out of that job. So I took my bottled water, filled my iron, and ironed away....all day long. I think Rick has enough shirts for work until December (maybe that's a slight exaggeration). After that really hard job, I cleaned out my purse (which was almost as scary Halloween). This afternoon as the rain was pouring down, I made a batch of cabbage patch soup to warm our souls. So with dinner done, the water line fixed, I'm back to washing clothes, doing dishes, taking a nice hot bath and reminiscing about my wonderful day.

Tomorrow night is Homecoming, and here in Stanwood, Homecoming is a big thing. The stadium is packed with people, old timers and newbies join forces to see their team win the big game and the watch the Homecoming Queen come in on a fancy old car. That is one of the very special things about living in a community our size. Tradition. I'm proud to say, Relay for Life is becoming a Tradition in Stanwood as well.

Angie had a sad week at work. Her dearest buddy at the school she teaches at and his wife who is also a teacher at her school, were awakened in the early morning hours to care for their grandchildren who were taken from their parents. Much of the story is unknown, but what Angie knows for sure is they are now raising a 2 year old boy, and a 2nd grade girl with very little, toys, bedding, diapers... There is a younger child who is at Children's Hospital with possible head trauma. Knowing the size of Angie's heart, she couldn't sit back and do nothing. So, she's on a mission to help these people give their grandchildren the best possible life they can provide. If you know of anyone who might have toddler boy clothes size 3-4, or girls clothes size 7-8, or any of the other items mentioned above, please send Angie an e-mail and she'll make arrangements to pick the items up. She can be reached at

Thanks in advance.

Happy life? Have you been working on yours? I have... it's still under construction and I believe it may take years or even decade to finish the project. Reason number 197,395,294 to Live. It makes it so easy to be a survivor when you've got so many things to live for. Like all of you :)

Ok, enough babble. I started taking a strong antibiotic on Monday for the cough, trying to catch it before it turned into pneumonia/bronchitis. I actually feel better tonight than I have in the past week or so. Maybe it's working. Hey...maybe I'm cured?

Next week, Chemo for Rick, Scans and results for me...then hopefully Desert Aire for a few days. It's time for us to close up the houses for the winter. Please remember, we still have a really cute house for sale (and we'd be glad to show it any time) Or, I can send you photos... Just ask.

Grey's Anatomy will be on soon and I probably need to finish up my odd jobs around the house before I settle down for the night.

Love you more than all the falling leaves,

P.S. Great news! Shannon's pathology report came back ~ CANCER FREE!


Dave in MT said...

Little House on the Prairie? Indeed! Here in Montana's "banana belt" we had snow today; the hills are covered but nothing on the ground. Add some wind and it was downright cold. They say that back in the day you could count on burning 6 or more cords of wood in the winter, and I don't even want to think about what pumping water was like...

CFCina said...

Wonderful news about Shannon! ;-)
~ Kathy C (Relay friend in Hillsboro)