Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Get to work on that happy life...

I believe we are all in a quest for a better, longer, more fulfilling life. Some of us are working towards it everyday...others keep putting it off until the right time comes, or they've got enough money, or when they get older... I hope in the past few years we have encouraged many of you to start working on that journey sooner than later. There is no time like the present...that's why they call it a gift.

Yesterday afternoon Amy stopped by and we spent some quality time snuggling and watching Jon & Kate plus 8. Amy had never seen it before, and listening to her laughing was worth all the wasted time in front of the TV. It's now going on her Tivo list.

Today is my friend Jana's 50th birthday. Welcome to the club, my friend...It's a great place to be. On Friday we are celebrating with her by going to the "relaxation station" and doing whatever they do at a "relaxation station". I think the name alone tells me I'll like this PARTY.

My brother in law hurt his back about a week ago, so tonight Rick and I went over to their house and brought him a sciatica belt and a walker. You never know...he might need them. Somehow we ended up with a walker at our house after Rick's surgery and it still has the tags on it so we decided to put it to good work. Jeff really is a mess. Watching him get off and on the couch gives me pain. Dawn invited us to stay for dinner since we were already there and I didn't have dinner started at home. We had a fun time playing with our nieces while the food was cooking.

Well, it's time to get to bed and work on that beauty sleep. I know, I really should sleep more often...

Dreaming Big,


CFCina said...

Yes in deedy, you guys have inspired me to conitue working on that happy life!!!

Isn't Jon & Kate plus 8 just great (hey, I rhymed)!

Happy Wednesday!
~ Kathy C (A Relay friend in Hillsboro, OR)

Aaron Bardon said...

Doreen its October and our Red Sox are in the ALCS! I am excited. I saw jake at tennis even today and spread my joy, I noticed a Go Seahawks but i think we might need to put our Red Sox in the Blog, they start Friday.
Good to hear things are good