Friday, September 12, 2008

Scary Morning

My wake up call this morning felt like a nightmare, but in the was only a bad dream.

I got a call around 9:30am from Angie's school saying that Angie had numbness in her right hand that had worked it's way up her arm and onto her neck and face. They had called 911 and were taking her to the hospital. My heart fell to the floor and I could only imagine that my 31 year old daughter was having a heart attack or a stroke.

While at the hospital, they ran an EKG, bloodwork, motor and sensory skill tests, and they found nothing. Luckily, during the time of Angie's discomfort, she didn't have any weakness in her limbs so that ruled out a stroke. Last night Angie was pressure washing for hours so their is a chance she irritated a nerve that caused this problem. They released her from the hospital around 2:00 and suggested that she make a follow up appointment with our family doctor. We all felt comfortable with her being released as she was feeling "normal" by the time they they had even arrived at the hospital. The physician told us that this kind of thing can happen to a seemingly healthy person who feels anxiety, or from a pinched or irritated nerve, or for any unexplainable reason. She is doing fine now, Thank God. I was very fortunate to have my friend Cathy by my side all day. I let Rick go to work, and Cathy held my hand in between my mini breakdowns. Thank you for all you did for me today, Cathy!

Rick and I went to the first home football game tonight and a young player from Stanwood was hurt bad enough that they called a medi-vac helicopter to pick him up and then canceled the game. We sure hope he's going to be ok. What a strange day today turned out to be. Is it a full moon?

I'm heading to bed now before it's time to get up in the morning and start cooking for our buddy Dave's retirement party.

Love you more than all the red and white clothing at tonight's football game. Go Spartans!

Dreaming Big,

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Amy Schmitt said...

Will someone please find a BIG piece of bubble wrap and wrap it around my family until I get home?

I am in a big field in Michigan, playing "war" and training for disasters. I can't have "disasters" happening at home while I'm gone. Besides, my stomach can't handle news like this. I won't have a chance to check my email for at least a week so please keep them safe.

If anything happens while I'm gone I will be holding YOU accountable. Yes, YOU... stop looking around... I'm talking to you. So, go get heavy duty bubble wrap and let the wrapping begin.

Sleepless in Michigan-