Thursday, September 11, 2008

I've just had an epiphany

Do you ever wonder why nothing gets done? Yet you feel tired from doing something? I've discovered the problem. In order to get things done, you must stay home. Today I went to lunch with Jim Piccolo (my old boss - and I do mean OLD) and Rick. We had a really nice time catching up and talking about our hopes and dreams, and kids, and life.

When I got home, I had a few phone calls to make which took much too long but I got my problem solved. When my phone calls were done, I headed over to Lynell's and we turned into Little House on the Prairie women...I had my apron on and we canned peaches and pears. It is an amazing site. It's too bad we don't do that more often. How nice it would be to have pantries filled with fresh canned garden veggies and fruits. Ok, maybe in my next life, I'll get a little more Martha Stewartish! For now, I'm really happy with my peaches and pears. :)

Dinner tonight was at Jeff and Dawns. I feel bad because she never needs me to bring anything. When I get there, I play with my nieces until it's time to go to bed...and that gets dragged out for as long as possible when I'm there. Dinner was wonderful. Thanks Dawn.

I've had a non-stop coughing day today with a little heaviness in my chest. I'll watch it closely for pneumonia. I know it's that time of year again. You see. Nothing accomplished. Yet, I'm tired just writing about it.

Hope you liked the photos yesterday. Perhaps a Pepsodent representative reads the blog and will want to put my kids in a commercial....Where do those beautiful pearly whites come from?

Dreaming Big,

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Anonymous said...

Funny, today I was thinking how I don't like making phone calls, how in some of my picture profiles I look "house on the prairie, and how ALL you have very pretty teeth! It should be a Colgate commercial though...