Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Days

I'm attaching some photos from last nights game. We had a great time (although the kids did their share of making fun of me...) We were surprised with a big WELCOME SCHMITT'S sign on the big reader board, and we had hats delivered to us in the stands. All of this...courtesy of Shannon Burley the wish maker. Thank you again Shannon for making our night so special. Who knew you had so much clout? I should have wished for my photo with Josh Hamilton from the Rangers...

Today I was a helper at Angie's school (she even had lunch waiting for me when I got there). After my long day at the elementary school, I met my friends, Pam, Shelley, and Sheryl at the marina and we took Shelley's boat out into the sound. I was the captain for most of the trip (well I got to sit in the important chair and turn the wheel...I'm not sure how important I actually was but I looked like I knew what I was doing) The weather was magnificent and the sunset was breathtaking. It turned out to be a wonderful day but I'm exhausted tonight.

Amy leaves for a couple of weeks for military training so we won't be in touch with her very much. She'll have to do the calling and maybe e-mailing if she has access. Once she gets back from Michigan she'll be done with her military duty for a while and life should get back to normal. The house sitter will be fired at the end of the month. :)

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful life can be with or without cancer.

The photos are: Amy and Angie watching for fly balls, Jake and I, a couple of family shots, and one of Josh Hamilton up to bat (he's my favorite).

Dreaming Big,

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