Thursday, September 04, 2008

Laid Back Thursday

I think I might be having some sympathy pains for Rick today. He felt fine when he got up this morning, I however felt feverish, raspy chested, sweaty and coughy. I've just stayed home all day and I'm feeling better as the day goes by. I'm very happy to report that Ricky is showing no signs of side effects from our newest experiment.

Cathy stopped by to cheer me up and I think it's really working. We shared tea and tacos along with a little laughter and tears. Can people get dehydrated from too many tears? If so, I might need a 1000cc's of Saline. :)

I'm still waiting for my new appliances (Rick says I'm just excited for them to arrive so I can make popcorn...).

We're going to Jeff and Dawn's for dinner tonight. Dawn makes a fabulous pork roast and she knows how much we love it, so we usually get an invite on Pork Roast night.

Love you more than all the political mail I get in the mail everyday....Ugh...

Dreaming Big,

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