Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Good News

I wasn't sure what today's journey would bring us. What I found was a new sense of hope. The doctor said Rick is a great candidate, is in great physical condition, cute (ok, he didn't say that part but I did). Rick will be one of the lucky guys who gets to start the trial immediately (as in tomorrow at 9:00am) and within 2 months we'll know if it's working or doing nothing. So far, the participants already in this study are not showing many signs of side effects so we are hoping for a couple of uneventful months.

Amy joined Rick and I for his appointment today, and in her words "today felt hopeful". We really believe the next few months will allow some time for new treatments to be released and for Rick to enjoy life.

Thank you for all your hopes and prayers. Please keep them coming our way.

It sounds like Angie and Jake had a great first day back at school. Let's hope the year is a successful one.

Dreaming with my dancing shoes on..


Anonymous said...

Great news!! We will continue to pray for God's strenth to carry you through these trials. keep the good news coming!

Brett and Allison

Anonymous said...

Hugs to all of you! I will keep praying everyday! Love and miss you all.


CFCina said...

Great news indeed! Yes, prayers do work!! Prayers and positive thinking!!!

Sending virtual hugs from Hillsboro and all over the Portland/Vancouver area!!!

~ Kathy C.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!!! Many, many prayers coming your way from Burlington!
Kathy Hill