Monday, September 01, 2008

Cry Brain

Because I've been crying so much lately I believe I have what is known as cry brain.
I am unable to carry on adult conversations without wimpers, or sniffles, and I keep forgetting what I was talking about. So for know, let me tell you about my fabulous day (as I can remember it).

I went for a walk with Lynell tonight (climbed a fence and got a sliver in my butt)
We ordered a new microwave for above the stove (ours died on Thursday)
We ordered a new freezer for the garage (ours died on Tuesday)
I was surprised with beautiful sign that was put up in my house by a dear friend Julie Hepper
Jake passed his Highly Qualified math exam (which was mandatory for the district to give him a contract)
Amy and Angie made it back from their weekend journeys. So now all the Schmitt's are home and safe off the roads.

And the best news of all: We had a message on the recorder when we arrived home today that they have officially accepted Rick into the clinical trial. We still have to go to Seattle tomorrow for all the official stuff, but after reviewing all this tests, they have chosen him. Yahoo! The actual treatment will start on Wednesday.

For all of you in the educational system....have a wonderful first day back to school. I'll be thinking of you and wishing I was there!

Love you more than all the restless school kids tonight.

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

Reener and Ricky,
There is power in prayer!
Love and Hugs to you guys!

Anonymous said...

I've found that if I wear pants when I climb fences, I don't get slivers in my butt. :)