Monday, September 15, 2008

Battle of the photos.....

Since this blog started over 2 and a half years ago, I've written many entries. Some that were sad, most that had humor, I sometimes added photos. I believe I've hit the big time. Here's what I know. Friends are talking behind my back saying things like, why was your grand baby on the blog and mine wasn't? Why wasn't their a photo of the fun day we had doing blah, blah, blah??? I believe this is when the money will start to pour in. I wish I would have charged money to view it....I would have sent all the money to a Breath Away from the Cure and put them on the Map (more than they already are). Check out their website if you haven't looked at it lately. So much is changing in the world of Lung Cancer. My friend, and adopted family member Bonnie....truly is an amazing woman with ideas that never end.

Today our feature photos will be of Pam and her her grandsons at the zoo. Baby Will (the one she's holding weighed a little over 3lbs. just a couple of months ago.) He's growing like a weed. His brother Andy (who is 3) is recuperating from hurting his "unit" on the carousel at the zoo. I guess it was the highlight of the day.

I'm also attaching a few photos of the wedding shower yesterday. This one was down in Seattle, and before you know it, we'll be having one or 2 up our direction. Megan worked for 60 hours straight at the Avon 3 day breast cancer walk (as a physical therapist) so she's a little tired.

Since no one got to see Angie at her worst on Friday, I thought I would show you why I was worried. She says she's doing much better now. I still like to worry. It gives me something to do with my time.

I'm calling Angie so I can attach a photo of my real grand kids, a cat & 2 fish . My grand kid list goes on further than that....Melana has a cat named Cooper who loves Rick, and Shannon has Susie a goldendoodle who LOVES me. My grand kids all behave well. The fish (Stan and Woody) don't remember who we are after 3 seconds so it keeps the relationship fresh, Fuzz, Angie's kitty is deaf and he doesn't know sign language, so our communication skills aren't very good. Susie thinks she's a person so we get along fabulous, and Cooper always hides until 3 in the morning then starts crying while we're staying at Melana's condo in Seattle.

I slept terrible last night. As a matter of fact I didn't actually get my eyes to shut themselves until after 5:00 am then Amy called from her training around 9:15am and woke me up. It's probably a good thing. Otherwise, I could have been sleeping all day long. My chest has been feeling a little heavy perhaps due to stress, or maybe a little bug coming on. I'm not terribly worried. I have an appointment on Wednesday and we can discuss it then.

Rick has to cool his jets for 24 hours prior to his PET scan, so if he wants to do any work that requires hard labor...he's gotta do it tonight or else wait until after Wednesday evening. Let's hope he'll be feel up for the task on Wednesday night.

We haven't been to DA in a few weeks and I'm starting to have withdrawals. What's wrong with this story? I feel better in Eastern Washington, my grapes are ripe, and the fun never ends. I say I'm going back over next weekend...or else. :)

Heading to the kitchen to do up the dishes before I collapse on my bed for a good night's sleep (I hope)

Dreaming and dancing by the light of the full moon,

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Dave Orvos said...

Hi Doreen,

Becca Gheen of the Seattle ACS office, and a former student of mine, told me of your story and the Stage IV lung cancer we share. So I wanted to say hi and compliment you on your blog. I understand you are on Tarceva as am I. You are right in saying it is a whole new world for lung cancer patients. I'm approaching my 3-yr mark and am thankful for each day as are you. I wish my best to you and your husband and will continue to check your blog. Regards, Dave Orvos, Amherst, VA