Friday, August 01, 2008

Welcome to August

We've had great Washington weather lately. Let's hope it stays with us in August!

My day at the zoo yesterday was awesome. I had such a nice time with the Novotny and Hunter families. After the zoo, we had a really good sandwiches from the "Other Coast Cafe" (OCC) in Ballard. Baby Jax is adorable. I think he really liked hanging out with me. I can testify that I liked hanging out with him. :) I was Cole Hunter's "Zoo Buddy" all day (even when we weren't at the zoo). Little Faye Hunter was an angel. She barely made a sound, just enjoyed the scenery.

We had planned to head over to Desert Aire last night (for the weekend) but Rick had some work business to finish up. We ended up coming over here this afternoon instead. Megan and her family joined us this evening. We BBQ steaks and shrimp. It was all delicious! Rick and I don't have anything planned tomorrow. Jake, Megan and her family are all heading over to the Gorge for a Steve Miller Concert. We'll probably watch a movie, have a little popcorn, and go to bed early. Another exciting night at the Schmitt House.

Our new friends and potential house buyers (they call themselves, Desert Aire Want-a-be's) stopped by tonight with a pound of "morning sunrise coffee" and to say thanks for our patience regarding the house. I'm still holding out for them to be our new neighbors. You never know, banks might start loaning money again soon :)

Rick has been asleep on the sofa for the past hour so I'd better wake him so he can go to bed.
Until tomorrow...sleep well and dream big.

Love you more,

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