Monday, August 04, 2008

Chemo postponed?

We had a great time at Desert Aire this weekend with Megan and her family, but through it all Rick was feeling pretty cruddy. While we went to the river and played, Rick stayed back and slept. His appetite wasn't great (at times it was actually terrible) and he just wasn't himself. By the time we got home yesterday he was feeling worse. Upset stomach, low energy, overall sick feeling...that's Rick in a nutshell today.

I just got off the phone with his oncology nurse and it sounds like they are going to postpone chemo for a week then see how he's feeling next week. Because the doctor's say Rick's chemo is to keep the cancer, from growing he will likely be on some kind of chemotherapy the rest of his life. With that scenario, they want him to have quality of life and when you're feeling crappy...that's not good quality. I'm glad he's going to have a break. This new kind of chemo tends to build up in his body each time he has a treatment so by the time we get to the last few doses, he has way too much in his system.

I was able to put my tennis shoes back on this morning (the blisters are getting better) and go for my daily hour and a half walk with Lynell. What a beautiful morning we had for it.

I'd better go for now. I have flowers to water, clothes to wash and a book to read.

Love you more,

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Anonymous said...

I know what you are going thru my husband is going to be on chemo the rest of his life as well for liver cancer. We are having a rough week about every 4 or weeks, just after his long day of chemo. The chemo pac just gets him tired. I will tell you we just keep laughing thru it all, when he started losing hair, we shaved it ( after we did a mohawk of course) Keep laughing and enjoying life thats the best medicine