Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July is coming to an end

Can you believe how fast this summer is flying by? This weekend is the Stanwood Camano Fair (voted the best little fair in the West...probably by Stanwood residents but we're not biased) In my 50 years of life, I think I've only missed going to it twice. Now that's dedication. Or, that's a town without much action so you grab it while you can :)

When I was out dress shopping the other day, I decided that it was time for me to firm up my arms (ok, I have lots of things to firm up, but I need to work in small batches). So, my son the fitness king, drew up a free weight program for me to do after I return each morning from my walk. Let me just tell you, if I didn't have a desk to rest my arms on tonight to write this blog, I wouldn't have written anything. I'm sure my arms will firm up eventually. Now I'm just wondering if I'll ever be able to raise them again? Seriously, I'm out of shape. Or is that, I'm seriously out of shape? Perhaps its, Seriously? I'm out of shape? YES!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow when I'll get to see my friends from Boise and their little boy Jax. We have a special day planned at Woodland Park Zoo. I can't remember the last time I went there, but I think I may have been pushing a stroller if that gives you any indication and my children are all grown. I may have gone once or twice for a field trip when the kids were younger, but I probably tried to put that out of my head. An hour long school bus ride, 50 elementary kids (10 who get car sick), and the smell of sack lunches...those were the days. Honestly, once we got to the zoo we always had a blast. But then, we had to get on the bus and make that trip back home.

The last couple of days Rick has seemed really worn out. It's end of the month business stuff for him and that tends to set him back a little. We're hoping to head over to Desert Aire for a few days but we'll see how much work he gets done tomorrow. Otherwise, he may change his mind.

Since I've been walking the last couple of mornings with flip flops on because I have a gigantic blister on my heal, I've now developed 2 nasty blisters on the bottoms of my feet from gripping the flip flops. Don't I know better? What will my kids say when they hear of my stupidity? Maybe we can just keep this a secret from them? They've all been so busy lately that maybe they don't have time to read the blog tonight. I've got neosporin, some good blister band-aids and I'm tough. Maybe I can ride in the stroller with Jax tomorrow and let them heal?

Love you more than all the animals we'll see tomorrow at the zoo.

Dreaming Big,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen!

Say hi to all the Zebras, Elephants, and yes the Lions at the zoo tomorrow, I have been saying hi to all of mine over here. Some (Lions) a bit too close for comfort.... Yikes!

Love you more than all the Zebra stripes I have seen this past month. That is ALOT!