Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Morning

I just got home from my morning walk with only minutes to spare before the skies open up to rain. As usual, the walk was wonderful except that I'm having to wear flip flops for a few more days until my blister heals up. No kidding, this blister is the size of a silver dollar. It looks really pretty when I have short pants on. :(

I noticed that my blog from yesterday just posted this morning. I'm not sure what that's all about, but we need to remember that computers are only as efficient as the people who supply them with the information. I probably forgot to push the "enter" button. Rick had a nice uneventful birthday, none the less.

Health wise...we're doing fine. Remember, no news is good news. Rick's leg is healing, his shoulder is doing well, the tumor markers are stable and he's feeling "pretty good". I cough. But that's nothing new. I'm pudgy and happy. My hip "back" feels better everyday.

I'd better get off the computer now because I want to do a little work around the house before Rick wakes up.

Love you more than all the flower pots in full bloom,

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Anonymous said...

I watched an interview on TV this morning about www.standup2cancer.org - A telethon is being aired Sept. 5 on ALL the networks to raise money for cancer research. I was wondering if any of you had seen the Public Service Announcement - if not, its on the website and it is incredible!!