Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anyone for some good news?

We finally received the good news we have been hoping for. Mom is "stable". No new growth. No new spots. I take that back, one spot grew one millimeter. As a family we have agreed that a one millimeter growth every two months is acceptable.... for the next 20 years. No complaints.

There is something small showing up on the scan in one of her lungs which appears to be inflamation. They said it is very small, but it could be the reason she has been coughing more. They gave her some new pills to try and stop the inflamation, but they assured us that it is very minimal and should be gone within a few days.

With the extra coughing and more frequent headaches mom has been having lately, I think we were expecting some change in the scan. We were pleasantly surprised. Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming our way. They seem to be working.

Smiling again-
The Schmitt's


CFCina said...

Good news indeed! YEAH!!!

If you guys only knew just how many folks (all over the country & world) are sending happy thoughts and prayers to all of you..especially your folks!

Continuing to Dream Big for the Doreen & Rick!!!

~ Kathy C...A Relay friend in Hillsboro!

Anonymous said...

Rick & Doreen,

Great news. You are still in our prayers. And again I want to express my appreciation to all of you that have contributed and continue to contribute to this blog over the past ??? months. You have reached so many people - educating them and inspiring them. It is an honor to know all 5 of you and help the Relay for Life efforts that you have been such a big part of here in Stanwood.

Dan& Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh you so pretty! ;)

Anonymous said...

That is great! whoo-hoo!

-Shellee :)

The Stemkoski's said...

WOOHOO!!! SOOOOO glad to hear the good news! I'm continuing to keep you all in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

GREAT to hear the awsome news! Lets just say god answered my prayer today! (I yelled at him) Your families positive attitude has helped many people all around and is currentaly being passed on to their friends friends friends. Its contagious! Love to hear some good news... Stay strong, and keep smiling! *)

Tai said...

Some VERY good news!!!!! Keep your chin up!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!! Awesome news!
Love to all of you,