Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Scan Done. Results Tomorrow.

The scan was uneventful today and I had a wonderful afternoon with Cathy. We won't know anything until tomorrow but like I've said a million times (and I never exaggerate), I'm sure everything is fine.

When I arrived home, our freezer was outside the garage on the driveway. Broken. Apparently when Rick got home this afternoon, he noticed the problem and nearly everything was ruined. I was able to save some items that were still frozen solid but it made a terrible mess and I've been cooking all evening. We will be having turkey and steaks for the next couple of days. It too, was only a minor problem in this thing we call "LIFE". Sadly...it was the freezer with the good ice cream bars. They are now "ice cream soup". :)

I'm looking forward to my day tomorrow. Not because I'm going to the Seattle Cancer Care, but because Amy and Angie will be going with me. It's been a while since just the 3 of us girls made the trek. They are such good listeners and question askers. If anything new arises, they will be sure to get all the information before we leave the doctor's office. I'm hoping to take them to lunch when we're through and catch up on their lives.

Dreaming Big and Healthy,

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margo02@juno.com said...

As we await your results, prayers and love is being sent up. Hope Rick is doing better and you are okay. This Stage 4 stuff is rough.