Friday, July 04, 2008

Sleepless in Mattawa

We had a great day today. The weather was a nice 80 degrees for a good part of the day (with a few sprinkles to wet the ground for tonight's events...a little divine intervention to keep us safe from fires) Vickie and Tom arrived around 2:30 this afternoon, just in time for the golf cart parade. I don't mean to sound prudish but the first golf cart of the day was a very patroitic one that encouraged people to vote. Sadly enough, the cart had a big sign in the front that said "Regester to Vote". I almost peed my pants when I saw the spelling. Apparently, they didn't have spell check on their permanent marker. Anyway, if you haven't done so already...please REGISTER to VOTE. We visited, had dinner and watched the fireworks (they went on until midnight-ish) We'd finally had enough by 10:30 and could still see them from the livingroom, so we came inside to finish watching the display. Our new deck is the perfect spot for firework watching (and spying on our neighbors...except for when they're up visiting us) We were invited to the neighbors for a Wii tournament after the fireworks, but being the old folks we are, fizzled out before we made it down there.

Cousin Joe has a houseful this weekend as well as Susie and Pat. With our company, that makes about 16 noisy people in our part of the neighborhood alone.

I think we're going on a little adventure tomorrow. Vickie and Tom have never been to the Gorge and we're going to take them to the Mattawa Saturday market (flea market...without the fleas). I guess we won't be doing any of this if I don't get back into bed and try to get some sleep.

The hip is feeling better today (heavy duty Ibuprofen) and compression belt... Rick is in his element (doing honey do jobs for me). So far he's moved the wood pile for the fire pit from house number 1 to house number 2 (with help from Susie and Pat), put up the misters, started organizing his garage, hung my hammock and hammock chair... I did some work too (I think)

I'm going to head back to bed and count tumbleweed (anything to help put me to sleep).

Hope your 4th was all you'd hope for, and more.

Dreaming Big,

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