Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Annual Fireworks Rules

I'm over here at the Desert where the weather today was 101.5 (sounds like a radio station) so the best advice I can give myself is to stay as far away from fireworks as possible. Luckily, the only place you can set off fireworks is at the park (which is one of the views we have from our deck) so while others spend hundreds (thousands) of dollars on dangerous stuff, I can just sit back, enjoy the view and save my money.

You know the drill:

1. Be safe and sane. Ok, at least be safe.
2. Punks are not for punks.
3. Don't drink and light fireworks at the same time. Set your drink down or you might spill it.
4. If it's raining, go to bed early. There's nothing worse than soggy fuses...(except maybe cancer)
5. Even when someone lights a snake or flower blossom act like it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. You'll make their day.
6. Do not shoot roman candles from your muffler.
7. Sing the Star Spangled Banner and walk around all day with a miniature flag
8. If you're going to a BBQ, don't leave the mayonnaise out. (That's not really a 4th of July thing, I just don't want you to get sick)
9. Clean up all your used fireworks. Keep America Beautiful. (Is that still our slogan?)
10. Have the time of your life. Or, at least the best Independence Day ever!

I'm not sure how helpful my hints are so use what you can and disregard the rest.

We've been doing some odd jobs around the house(s) today. House #1 is ready to go. Now we just need a buyer. Oh, yea....I forgot....#11 Buy yourself a nice little house at Desert Aire for a 4th of July present.

Rick blew up my 7ft. pool (make that 7 feet wide and 3 feet deep) and it's been wonderful. With the temperature almost high enough to bake cookies it's nice to sink into the pool for a 5 minute break to cool off. I'm loving it!

For a house warming present, our friends Pat and Suzie bought us a mister to hang in our courtyard...Hopefully we'll get those hung tonight so tomorrow can just be fun and games and a cool mist hovering over us....

I can't wait to get my camera battery charged so I can take photos of the grapes we have growing all around our new house. I'm not kidding when I say...I feel like I just need to train my Ricky to feed them to me and we're set.

I called home this afternoon and found that it was raining with a little thunder and lightening. Oh, so sad for all of you. Tomorrow is suppose to be a cool 85 degrees. We're having rib steaks and salads for dinner, fruity drinks with umbrellas and the company of family. Yes....this is the life...

Now that I know what's going on with my back/hip I can follow some simple directions that give me relief. (Thanks again Erin) Rick is feeling great. He's not really looking forward to chemo next week, but since this last time wasn't too bad, he hasn't been fighting it.

It's time for me to go now to enjoy the sunshine and my husband.

Love you more than all the sparklers that get lit tomorrow night.

Dreaming "hot" and big,

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