Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Finally...an answer

Today, I met with Dr. Michael Lee at the University of Washington Medical Center who is a spine doctor. Angie came along with me, as she knows all the right things to ask and she understands all the medical jargon the doctors say. It was a huge help having her there with me today. Here's what we know: I have a herniated disc at the very bottom of my spine, it's compressing my disc that leads through my hip and down my leg. One of the solutions (or at least a remedy) for this is a cortisone shot in herniated disc. My problem: I'm allergic to cortisone (or at least I was when I was 17) so we're going to do an allergy test to see if maybe I've outgrown the problem. Until then (and for the next 6-8 weeks) I'm going to be doing some physical therapy to see if I can repair it with exercises. I believe I can... Surgery is main way to repair a herniated disc, but I intend to get way better before that ever happens. Thank you Erin, our favorite Physical Therapist for your evaluation, advice and supportive back brace this evening! My back is feeling better already. You are the best!

After our doctors visit, Angie, Nancy, Gillian and Kate and I spent the day in Seattle before heading to the airport to take them back. It was sad to see them leave but we'll see them again soon. Maybe next time at Disneyland. Nancy was spotted the last few days by some General Hospital watchers and was very gracious to visit with them and have her photo taken. Her daughter Kate was a joy to have around. She is a remarkable little 10 year old. They loved being with our family and the feeling was quite mutual.

Yesterday we went to the movie Wall-E, then to Pam's house (at the lake) and went out in her blow up row boat. We weren't in the water long before Nancy (in her long skirt) jumped in the water, then Kate followed (in her clothes)...then me (in mine), then Jake (at least he had shorts on). We had a ball. The weather was so nice we were able to lay in the grass and dry off before it was time to come home and BBQ.

Rick recovered very quickly this time from his chemo treatment. It's amazing what a little time off (for your body to heal) will do for the spirit. He's been busy everyday doing something that makes him feel productive.

My little niece, Darlena, is spending the night tonight because we are going to the children's museum tomorrow with Pam and her grandson, Andy. I can't wait to see these kids in action. I'd better get my camera battery charged. She's in watching a movie right now with cousin Jacob while I finish the blog.

It's going to be Independence Day again soon and you know how I like to give my safety tips. I'll try to post them tomorrow so you have plenty of time to prepare for the excitement.

Love you more than all the money spent on fireworks this week!

Dreaming Big,

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