Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a great day!

This morning, our out of town guests arrived. Nancy Lee Grahn (from General Hospital), her daughter and a good friend of the family, Gillian (also known as the video girl) came to stay for 3 days. Amy picked them up at the airport and brought them to our house. I'm very happy they came to visit but I was hoping that our house in the middle of the country wouldn't disappoint these city folks from LA. The truth is, they haven't stopped talking about how comfortable they are and how much they love being here. Today we went to Camano Island and played at the beach for a little while, went to lunch and just talked about our lives. Tonight we barbecued steaks, had spinach/strawberry salad and ate on the deck. I hated to admit that we only get about 10 of these days per summer so enjoy it while it's here.

Nancy said part of her reason for coming to visit us was purely selfish. She needed to feel motivated about life and she knew she could get that from us. What a wonderful compliment. She is planning on making a web video for her site regarding our family. She has a really big fan base and likes to give them stories that will touch their lives.

Rick has been a work-a-holic these past few days. I thought he was done weed whacking yesterday, but he got up again this morning and worked for a couple more hours. I wish he would slow down, but he gets instant gratification from working in the yard and when he's feeling well enough to do it, he wants to get it done.

Tomorrow will be another fun-filled day. We're talking about going to a movie (Wall-E), then maybe to Pam's house and hang out at the lake.

Angie gets home from Desert Aire tomorrow (she's been over there since Thursday soaking up the sun and heat waves - I think it was over 100 degrees yesterday and today). She brought our couch and loveseat over to the house. She saw that our neighbor Steve was around so he helped her bring all the furniture into the house so we wouldn't have to. What wonderful neighbors we have. Now, the next time we head over, it will be all ready to go. I'm so glad Angie suggested taking it over for us ~ What a help that was.

Amy leaves for a little trip to New York in the next few days. She has always wanted to go and what better time than the present? She's going to see the musical Hairspray and visit the Statue of Liberty along with the many other things she has on her to do list. Except for a little humidity, she's going to have a wonderful time.

Megan will be joining us for dinner tomorrow night. We haven't seen her in a while and since Nancy and Kate are up, we thought it would be nice for her to join us for a little fun. Megan (along with all the other kids) had a chance to spend some time with Nancy and her daughter at the Lung Cancer Gala last year in San Francisco so I know they would all like to see one another again.

Hopefully, Angie will be back in time to have dinner with us as well. If not, she will be going to Seattle with us on Tuesday and playing around in the city until we have to bring our guest to the airport.

I'm attaching photos from today. Enjoy!

Dreaming Big (with a little sweat dripping down my neck)

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