Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wedding Weekend

It’s been a busy couple of days helping with Anna’s wedding and visiting with house guests. It was really fun to spend time with my high school buddy Kathi and her daughter Heidi. They are so funny (and a lot like me…you can’t help but love them).

The wedding today was beautiful. The ceremony was so genuine and personal. (I took a few notes…even though I’m only the mother of the groom, I’m always looking for things I can share with Megan and her mom)

I’ve attached a photo of the brides parents with Rick and I. We’ve been friends for over 35 years…ugh. How can that be? We don’t look old enough. Or do we? The 4 of us used to get ourselves in lots of trouble. Thank goodness we've outgrown that.

Yesterday while I was decorating for the reception, I got a call from Seattle Cancer Care regarding my appointment on Tuesday. It seems the new spine doctor I've been referred to quit the clinic on Tuesday. Now, they are frantically finding a new doctor for me to see. I'm reminding myself that patience is a virtue.

Rick has been feeling really good the past few days. When I got up this morning, he was outside cutting the grass and weed eating. I’m sure he’s tired after all that work and our long day at the wedding (we went to Reid and Cathy’s house after the reception for a continued party)

I’ve got more guests coming in tomorrow from LA, so I’d better get some rest so I’ll be ready to play again. There's nothing worse than a tired hostess (except maybe cancer!).

Dreaming Big ~ Dor

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Anonymous said...

I just want everybody to know that "My Friend".... Doreen is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just thought everyone should know already know that! She headed up an awesome crew and made our daughters wedding so incredibly special. THANK YOU DOREEN AND ALL YOUR WEDDING WELPERS(new word for wiped/workers/helpers!)
Love Cathy and Reid