Monday, July 07, 2008

I'm home...

Sorry about the lapse in the blog but sometimes I get so busy playing or resting, that this writing thing takes a back seat to my "other life". This weekend was wonderful (as usual...I was in the heat and air conditioning of Desert Aire). It was really nice to have Vickie and Tom join us for the long weekend. They haven't done that before and I think after the good time they had they may be joining us more often.

One of the exciting parts of the weekend was the interest we got in Desert Aire house #1. We showed it to 4 different couples (one of the couples came back 3 times, with different friends, and we're going to meet with them again on Thursday). I would love to have them be our new neighbors, not just because it means we will have sold the house, but because I could see them as our "new friends". They just had something warm and wonderful about them. Oh, and they seemed to love the house as much as we did. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is chemo day again and Rick has been feeling well (except for a day or two this weekend...sore legs and a stomach ache), so I hope that is a sign that this will be another great week. Jake has been to the Seattle Cancer Care with us before (for results) but never while Rick was having chemo. I think it will be a good experience for him to see how well his dad gets treated and how much love we feel when we're down there. Amy and Angie have spent more than their share of time in waiting rooms, exam rooms, infusion rooms....I know they never complain about it and we love to have them their with us. They always seem to ask the right questions, hear things we don't, and take notes. We really are so thankful for the children we have. Is that called lucky or blessed?

Rick didn't get to work until late today so he's staying late this evening. A little too late if you ask me. It's 8:30 and no sign of him yet. I know he'll feel better tomorrow once he gets his "stuff" done tonight. I just don't like it when he over does it.

I'm looking forward to starting physical therapy on Thursday (it's the 1st day of my speedy hip recovery). Hopefully, next Friday I'll find out if I'm still allergic to cortisone, and if not...a shot in my spine should help me get back to "normal" in no time. Ok, NORMAL is so over rated. I don't expect to be normal. I just looked through my "SECRET" book again today and I need to start thinking positive thoughts about my healing. Ooooh, Aaaah....(that was a little yoga breathing...)

I've got some dishes to do from dinner tonight and I want to get to bed early. The day starts around 5:30am tomorrow (ugh) and we all know how much I need my beauty sleep :)

Love you more than all the mosquitos on a summers evening in Washington....

Dreaming Big,

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