Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meeting with potential "new neighbors"

Nothing is in stone, but we met with our possible "new" Desert Aire neighbors and we like them more each time. They live in an adorable house in Everett with an immaculate yard (front and back) and I can see the landscaping at DA house #1 getting a complete overhaul if (when) they move in. As with all good things in life, if it's suppose to will. The cute thing was...when we got to their house, their screen saver on the computer was a photo of them in front of the DA house (and they looked great).

Rick got disconnected from chemo today and couldn't be happier. Since he hasn't been sick this time around and it's haying season, he wants to get out there and do what he can to help. Last night, he was out on the tractor with his fanny pack full of chemo, the tubes running up to the port in his chest, bouncing around like a farmer until after 9:00pm. He was completely wiped out by the time he got in the house. It's easy for me to tell him to slow down, but I know how much joy he gets out of being productive. I, on the other hand, get lots of joy from having fun, playing with my friends, vacationing, writing this blog.... Do you see a pattern? Not a lot of work involved in my JOY. Oops!

Today was the first day of physical therapy and my hip actually feels better tonight. I've been taking heavy doses of ibruprofen and I really think it's helping with the inflammation. I've been fighting a little bit of a headache this afternoon...probably from all the excitement of the day.

I did my radio interview yesterday for a Bellingham station but it was on before I got up this morning and while I was in physical therapy. I'm hoping to go up to Whatcom County this weekend to participate in their Relay for Life. I love to watch others find joy in their passion and since I was a speaker at their kick-off this year, I know the kind of excitement they have for their event.

Love you more than all the freckles on a red head...

Dream Big,

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Good luck with the PT!


Have fun "haying" - hey, whatever floats your boat!

Hugs from Don and Linda Z