Sunday, July 13, 2008

Laid Back Sunday

What a wonderful day I had. No plans. Nothing pressing. No worries. I made a day out of watering my plants, painting a desk, doing some research on the computer & making a crab salad for dinner. I know what you're thinking... Wow, what an exciting life she lives? Ok, maybe it's not as exciting, as it is peaceful. I need a little peace and quiet every once in a while.

I haven't seen the kids much lately,(not even Jake who lives here) as they are all very busy. Amy has taken on a special project with the military (and doing some Special Agent work), Angie has been working hard at a basketball officials camp (as well as taking classes), Jake is teaching at Sylvan daily and working for an entertainment company Wednesday nights through Saturday nights (and getting ready to take some classes for his new job as a 7th grade math/science teacher). Did I mention how laid back my day was? Where did these kids get their energy? Certainly not from their mother.

I wish I had something exciting or insightful to tell you, but NOPE. NADA. NOTHING. ZILCH. I'm fresh out of important stuff to say. I am, sitting here at the computer with the windows open listening to crickets (or frogs) and it makes me want to go to sleep. So that must be my indicator to say good night. Sleep tight.

Dreaming Larger than Life,

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