Saturday, July 12, 2008


I was looking at my website today and realized that since I started counting (last May) people all over the country have looked at my blog 90,000+ times. Gosh, I hope I spell things correctly, because that's a lot of eyes doing proof reading.

Today Pam and I went to Bellingham like we'd hoped and spent some time at the Whatcom County Relay for Life. They have a wonderful set up and incredible community support. The way they do it wouldn't work for us in Stanwood, but if you ever get the chance...go check it out. It's pretty incredible.

While we were up North, Pam made me go to a nursery (like she had to force me) and buy plants for the pot I got for my birthday. We had our own special helper who designed our pots for us, then arranged them in the box the way we were suppose to plant them. I've attached a photo of my new green pot and the professional layout. It makes me smile when I enter the front door. I also got my first pot of sunflowers for the year. My little neighbor Karrina found these at the grocery store and convinced her mom that "Doreen would really like these". Karrina was right. I loved them. Thanks neighbor!

For the 3rd day in a row I've got a headache. Not a terrible one. Just enough that I need to wear my sunglasses in the house and I'd like to throw up. I guess I'm off to bed to see if I can wake up tomorrow with a clear head.

Rick is out haying right now. (I'm really not mad at him...but I have to act like it so he doesn't over do it). He came home this afternoon when the weather got too hot but has gone back to the farm now that it's cooled off. He should be home soon. He really did have a good chemo treatment this time. Not feeling bad, and his energy level has been pretty regular! Let's hope it's working as well on the inside of his body as it is on the outside. :)

Sweet Dreams,

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