Thursday, July 17, 2008

End of a long day

Remember yesterday when I was bragging about the nice walk I took with my neighbor? Well, this morning at 7:15 when she called to wake me for our 7:30 walk I started to come up with a lame excuse about how I didn't sleep well the night before and could we go for a walk after my physical therapy, blah, blaaah, blahhhh...then I stopped myself. I said, "I'll see you in 10 minutes at the end of the road". Truth is, it's a wonderful way to start my day but if I didn't have someone lighting a fire under my butt (and let me assure you that would be a bonfire) I would find an excuse everyday not to do it. I made Lynell promise me that she wouldn't take no for an answer. I've instructed her to say, "just get up and meet me at the end of the driveway". We walked for over an hour and I was sad when the morning came to an end.

I really haven't been home all day today. After the walk it was physical therapy, then lunch with Jake, oil change, car shopping (Jake is looking for something that gets better gas mileage than his Dodge Dakota), and then Megan, her mom and I met with Judi (the wedding coordinator) until almost 10:00pm. Hey, no wonder I'm pooped. This would wear out a healthy person.

Rick agreed to let me call the doctor's office today regarding his leg. Dr. Whiting's office (oncologist) said they would like him to be seen by our local doctor and to call if there were anymore concerns. The physician suggested that Rick have an ultrasound of the mallet mark in his leg and asked for his opinion on what he thought about the procedure. I wasn't there, but Rick said "I think my wife would agree with you, I guess we should go ahead and do it". If nothing else, Rick is finally learning to say all the right things to give me the least amount of grief. Luckily, he just has an ugly bruise and and dent in his leg, the swelling only makes his little chicken leg look meatier, and nothing is broken. I can take him outside to play, but I swear I have to watch him every minute :)

Time to get to bed. Lynell will be calling me before I know it.

Dreaming Big,

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