Friday, July 18, 2008

Bring on the Cortisone!

Today was my appointment with the allergist. After many scratch tests, injections, icky stuff on my appears I've outgrown my allergy to cortisone. I did have a little reaction to prednisone (which I've taken before without any problem) but everything else turned out good. I'm still hoping I won't have to have the injections in my spine but now I know if we have to go that route, it will be ok to try it.

Rick's leg is getting better each day (uglier colors but feeling better).

In my head, I can hear Angie telling me that if I do something for 21 days in a row it becomes a habit...I walked with Lynell again today (3rd day in a

After my doctor's appointment we headed over to the "Desert". The weather was nice and warm when we got here so Rick and I did a few odd jobs and have just been taking easy ever since. Tomorrow, I'm going to tackle one last painting job (downstairs bathroom) then we have a cabinet to hang, shelves to put up in the guest closet, and maybe some weeding at house number one.

We got news from the people who really want to buy the house at DA and they said they had no idea how hard it was to get the bank to release any money for a vacation home. They are sick that they can't commit to anything, but we told them to keep trying. In the meantime, we'll keep showing it to other people and hope that our new friends have a "windfall". I should tell them to buy a lottery can't win unless you buy one :)

I'm attaching photos of the grapes we have growing in our courtyard. I'm telling you, this really is a little piece of Heaven. Oh, I tried one of the grapes when we got here today....OOOHHH it's not ready yet.

The wind is really kicking up here tonight. I'd better go so we can batten down the hatches... Ok, we don't have any hatches and I wouldn't know how to batten them down even if we did have some. Instead, I'm going to get a pillow and blanket, lay on the sofa and watch a movie. Perhaps I can get Rick to join me...the question is? Can he stay awake for the whole thing?

Love you more than all the sagebrush blowing by our house.

Dreaming Big,


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