Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bathroom Graffiti

We had a good night's sleep last night and woke up with the desire to do a little work. Rick hung closet shelves, pulled weeds, mowed the law (@ house #1) while I re-painted and decorated the bathroom downstairs at house #2. I got a little silly behind those four walls and painted a little message for Rick.

We drove the golf cart to our friends, Joe & Lyndsey Youngren's house down on the water. What a beautiful house and view they have. They followed us back to our house so we could share our little abode with them as well. They both blamed (thanked) me for introducing them to Desert Aire (via the blog) because they try to spend every free, waking minute they have enjoying life here in paradise.

I've strung lights in the courtyard and now I love it so much I want to sleep outside...

Did I ever mention how being sick at Desert Aire isn't an option? However, taking Tarceva daily is still required :)

When we arrived in DA yesterday there were flowers waiting for me. GOD sent a bouquet of wild sunflowers and planted them behind our house.

Dreaming Warm and Big,

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