Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bunco Loser

Since I hadn't been to Bunco in appears, I've lost my touch. I went home a loser but as usual, I had fun with my Bunco Babes. They are inappropriate, funny and a kick to be around.

I spent yesterday afternoon with my neighborhood friend, Lynell. We talked and sipped our sodas while we sat on her deck. It was one of the nicest couple of hours I've had in a long time. This morning, we set out for a walk at 8:00am and got back just before 9:00. Tomorrow we're meeting at 7:30am so I can be home in time to take a shower and head down to physical therapy. I'm hoping we're going to keep this up. My mornings usually start with some coughing and a stiff hip, but by the time I got to the end of my driveway today, I was nearly done coughing and my hip was feeling pretty good. I'm smart enough to know that exercise (no matter how much or how little) is better for you than no exercise at all.

When I got home from Bunco, Rick was sitting on the side of our bed. I looked down at his legs (he had shorts on) and he has a huge bruise on his upper calf. Apparently, he hit it by accident tonight with a mallet while working outside. It looks swollen and I don't like it. I'm going to get off the computer now so I can get some ice on it and put some pillows under his leg. He says he's fine. I disagree :)

Love you more than all the dandelions popping up in our yard :(

Dream Big,

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The Stemkoski's said...

Doreen-I have some "bunco babes" too lol! Your description was perfect (They are inappropriate, funny and a kick to be around). That's exactly how I feel about my bunco friends too! -Sonya