Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Successful Chemo

Rick had a much better time today with chemo than on his last visit. No nausea or any of the other great side effects that come with the price of life. (he just woke up while I was writing this and he does have a little upset stomach...however, nurse Doreen just got him some medicine and he's already fallen back to sleep). Do you think I could get "nurse of the year" even if I'm not officially a nurse.

At my appointment with the orthopedic doctor, I learned that I have a compressed nerve in my spine (most likely they say from coughing...now if I could quit coughing all my problems would be solved). He also showed me my MRI and there is a round shadow about the size of a quarter on my spine. We are not sure what this shadow represents, so I am going to see a spine specialist next Tuesday. What's another week with a pain in my butt?

My father in law had an appointment today regarding the leaky valve in his heart. Although the best case scenario would be to do open heart surgery to repair it, he isn't really a very good candidate. So, for now he is going to continue taking his meds, use his oxygen and take it easy. I hope if I make it to 83 years old that I will still have a passion for life that outweighs the consequences of the risks of surgery. Although Rick's dad hasn't decided what he wants to do, he still has the option to meet with the heart surgeon to talk about choices.

Life brings so many challenges to all of us. Sometimes, I just wish they didn't all come at the same time.

Good Night, Sweet Dreams~

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CFCina said...

Good Wednesday Morning!!!

Glad things went better during Rick's chemo yesterday!

We will continue to pray for you, Rick & your father-in-law!

Your positive attitude continues to help me keep mine!

Keep Dreaming Big!
~ Kathy C....A pooped Relayer in Hillsboro that can't wait to start planning next year's event!