Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A penny for my tears...

Rick had a scan yesterday, however, we won't know any results until Friday afternoon. I'm having an MRI of my spine before his appointment to look for anything unusual that might be aggraviting my hip. If they can't find the culprit there, perhaps they should look in my head...maybe that's where my problem is stemming from.

When the scheduler called today to talk to me about our appointments, she said "is everything ok?" at which point I broke down and started crying like a baby. She was so kind to me and said, "I often wonder how the 2 of you keep it all together when I see you. It's nice to know you're normal." I apologized for the next 10 minutes all the while she kept assuring me that my feelings are expected.

Amy stopped by tonight and stayed to have dinner. I invited Angie over as well, but she's been eating spaghetti (which is what I made) for the past 3 days for lunch (her leftovers). It was nice to see Rick's appitite back to normal tonight. He went back for seconds... and thirds. I'm embarrassed to say it, but I actually cried when I saw him eating like that. Gosh, I'm such a baby today.

We became official owners of Desert Aire Dos. That's what I've named house number 2. We are going to paint this weekend (I'm saying we, but it might be everyone else actually doing the work and I'll just boss them around). I don't think my hip can handle a lot of movement. I'm actually concerned about how it will feel just sitting in the car on the way over there.

Well, I should get off of the computer and get some stuff done around here. I should also drink some water because I'm probably dehydrated from all of the crying I've done today.

Dream Big-

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