Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fabulous Weekend

From the moment I got up early yesterday morning until I went to bed late last night I felt happiness running through my heart. We spent the morning at a Jr. Livestock Auction (where Rick bought a herd of cattle) as kids and their parents saw their dedication and hard work pay off. We arrived back home in time for me to freshen up and meet Janeen for our first Relay adventure of the day. At Oak Harbor I spoke at their closing ceremony. When I first arrived at the stadium, I was greeted by someone saying "Doreen, Doreen". As I turned around it was JoAnn Wichers an athletic secretary from Oak Harbor. We walked a couple of laps and talked about old times in the athletic world. She's one of the many people I miss now that I'm not at my job.

Janeeen and I left Oak Harbor and stopped for a little lunch then headed to the Burlington Relay. What a classy, amazing event that was. Clearly, Burlington has an incredible group of people working together for one great cause. We got some great ideas from them them that we are sure to "borrow" for our event next year. We returned just in time for me to get in the car, pick up Angie and head to West Seattle for the Highline event. They hold their event at a beautiful stadium and I spoke right before the luminaria lap. It was a powerful way to start the lap to honor those we've lost and those still fighting the battle. Amy and a fellow officer joined us at the event (since they were at drill in Tacoma). We had a wonderful time but didn't leave the event until we were very tired. We planned on getting up this morning and helping with the clean up at Burlington but we all slept through the alarm. (Sorry Burlington)

When I was first asked to speak at these events I thought, "what if I'm too tired, or what will I have to say", but I am so glad they asked because it brought me so much joy to share our story if it helped motivate others.

Who would have thought that the most rewarding job I would ever have, would be the one I volunteered to do that doesn't pay anything, but rather fills my heart as full as a bank vault?

This afternoon I've had a couple of meltdowns. Every time I move I'm reminded of my DAMNED HIP. I needed to swear because I think it helps with the pain. I don't usually cry from pain, but I can't stand the limits it's putting on me. I'm sure we'll get the problem figured out soon. Either that, or I'll go crazy and I wont' even know I'm hurting.

I guess I'd better sign off for now since it's dinner time and we don't have a chef.

Please remember to pay your gratitude forward. It's actually more rewarding for you than the recipient.

Keep dreaming big,

I've attached a photo of the girls and I at Highline last night.

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