Friday, June 06, 2008

Another Busy Day Coming Up

Tomorrow is another very busy day for me. In the morning, I'm going with Rick to the Jr. Livestock Auction where I'll cry, as kids sell their animals to businesses and other sponsors. The kids know that most of the animals (their pets) will likely be in someones freezer in the next couple of weeks. I always get emotional as the kids say good-bye to the animal they've been raising for the past 6 months. I'm not sure why I keep going back...I just can't help it!

Then in the afternoon, I'll be doing the closing ceremony at the Oak Harbor Relay for Life. Janeen is going with me and we'll make a fun afternoon of it. It's also nice to see how other events work. We're planning on stopping by the Burlington Relay to say hello on our way home. Then, I'm meeting Angie and well be heading down to Seattle where I'll be speaking for the Highline Relay. Honestly, after this busy weekend...I'm taking it easy.

The sad part about the day is that I'll be missing my little niece's 1st birthday party. The good part is, she won't remember I wasn't there and I'll do my best to be around for many more birthday celebrations. Out of the 5 of us, Rick is the only one who'll be going to the party. The other 4 have prior commitments. This family needs to slow down :)

I'm making an old German dish called Kase Knoefla for the birthday party tomorrow. I know Rick and his dad will be happy to eat it. Angie and I will probably have burgers and milkshakes at Dick's...and call it dinner our way through Seattle.

Because the night will be so late, I won't be writing a blog tomorrow. You'll hear from me on Sunday and I'll let you know how everything went. Unless, I'm sleeping all day. Then you'll hear from me on Monday.

I'm not sure what's going on with me lately, but I fell asleep around 5:00 today and I didn't wake up until 7:30. Thank goodness Jake ordered pizza for he and Rick for dinner since I slept right through it. I think the hip and the cough are taking their toll on me. Perhaps, I need a week at Desert Aire in the sun, having that sounds like a remedy I could use.

Dreaming Big,

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