Monday, June 16, 2008

Accomplished Weekend!

The only way to describe how we're all feeling tonight is totally exhausted. Since Saturday morning, Cherry Street in Desert Aire has been a hopping place. Our family, plus Shannon and Melana (and Eric too), painted, moved, repaired, vacuumed, painted some more, cleaned, pressure washed, and organized both houses (oh, and did I mention, painted?) Something I've failed to mention...We are an instant gratification family. We like to see results...yesterday. So, until the entire job was complete, it was hard to slow down. I kept getting mad at the kids telling them they needed a break enjoy the sun. They said "when we're finished". I wonder where they got that attitude? Honestly, what the kids and Shannon, Melana and Eric did for us this weekend would have taken us all summer to accomplish. I hope once we've settled into our new place, they will all spend some time here playing golf, tennis, pool, horseshoes, swimming, and soaking up some sun (with sunscreen of course). I think that will be the greatest payback we can give them. Oh, and a million dollars each, but the probability of that happening isn't good.

There was still so much sorting and cleaning to do that Rick and I didn't come back with everyone else. We're still at Desert Aire and hope to be home early afternoon on Monday. We are really going to enjoy the little move we made. I wish you could all spend the weekend with me (well not all at one time). It's bigger, just not that big.

One great thing about this move is our wireless internet just got better. We don't have cable or phone service over here (hence, the relaxation) but this 100ft move got us closer to our friends wireless internet and they are more than happy to let us use their connection. I'm more than happy to use it as well.

It is 2:21 on Sunday night (Monday morning) and as tired as I am...I can't sleep. Maybe it's all the excitement, or the quiet. Whatever the reason, it just gave me a window of opportunity to let you know how things are going.

We took a break tonight after dinner and visited a friend (Barb) who is building a house over here. Her brother and his wife purchased a home earlier this year, on the water. Barb's house is going to be beautiful (it should be done in August). As we walked around to see the progress, she kept telling Rick "this is your wife's fault. We wouldn't have even known about this place if not for her." I love it when I can share a little joy with others.

I'm going to crawl back into bed and count sheep, or tumbleweed... Hopefully, I'll get a little shut eye before it's time to wake up.

Wide Awake with a DREAM in my heart....

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