Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update from SCCA

It just dawned on me that my blog from yesterday didn't post. Apparently, it wasn't news worthy. So, I'll just give you a little update today.

I got lots of little jobs done yesterday. Took it easy like I promised to do. Then Rick and I headed down to Seattle to spend the night for Chemo today. He's currently upstairs being "infused" with some poison that will help him stay well. I wonder if it's anything like infusing a chicken with garlic? Probably not.

The oncology/anti-coagulation pharmacist just told Rick he gets to stop the shots in his belly. He's very excited since his tummy looks like he's been to battle. I don't think he planned on being a stomach model anytime soon, but just in case, the bruising and knots should go away soon.

Rick was resting when I came downstairs to use the computers. These first couple of days wipe him out and it starts almost immediately. He has chemo the week of Relay so we're keeping our fingers crossed that he's feeling ok by Friday.

I'm missing Taco Tuesday with the girls, but Pam said they would order lunch and eat it for me as though I was there. I love those girls.

Time for me to head back upstairs to check on my honey. I've been feeling about the same. The respiratory infection seems to be better, still a little cough (nothing I haven't dealt with before), and my daily backache but after a while you get used to that.

Happy to be ALIVE and Dreaming Big,

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