Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celebrating Livestrong Day

Yesterday was the "official" Lance Armstrong ~ Livestrong Day. I e-mail Angie from SCCA to tell her about it and she took it one step further. She cut yellow strips of paper and took them to every classroom for the kids to decorate to celebrate someone they love with cancer or someone they've lost. (Some of the kids wrote amazing things about Grandparents & Parents - I can't wait for you to see them). She collected over 500 strips and attached them like a chain of Livestrong bracelets. They are hanging in her gym at school and the kids are very excited to know they were a part of it. I've asked Angie to bring them to Relay to decorate our tent. I'm attaching a photo of Angie with her amazing project. Look close and you might notice a black eye. She took an elbow to the eye socket while playing basketball last night. Ouch.

I spent hours at Angie's house today and helped get ready for the big Garage Sale happening this weekend at GlenEagle. I've decided that garage sale preparation is my least favorite thing to do (besides cleaning bathrooms). I didn't mind doing it today though, because I know the proceeds go to a good cause.

Rick is completely exhausted from chemo this time. I called to check on him (at work) a couple of times today and he sounded drained. Each treatment has been a little worse than the last. The neuropathy in his hands and feet continues to worsen and is lasting a little longer each time. He never complains, but I know he hates the constant fatigue. Like any of us, we don't want to be held back from doing all the things we love to do. Chemo doesn't always cooperate.

I'm heading to bed early as well. It's been a long (but productive) day.

Happy BELATED 40th Birthday to my dear friend Kelly Lloyd. I guess I've had too many things on my mind lately to remember she would be joining me in the 40's..... Hope you had a very happy one, Kelly. You deserve it!

Dream Big & Livestrong,

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Anonymous said...

You don't have to "look close" to notice that shiner on Angie. It's colorful now and she'll get a little yellow in it next that will match her Livestrong chain.
I'll see you at the garage sale!
Love you more than all "treasures" found at garage sales!