Friday, May 16, 2008

Garage Sale Update

Did I ever mention how much I dislike garage sales? How... when other people look at your "treasures" that are marked a dollar...they insist they only have 50 cents left? Are you kidding me? You come to a garage sale and only have 50 cents to your name? You need to go home. That's what I want to say, but instead, I shake my head and smile and say "oh sure, you can have it for 50 cents.". Again, I keep reminding myself that this is for a good cause...Relay. The first day went pretty well. Angie is hoping to sell out tomorrow so she can close the doors on Sunday morning.

Rick is starting to feel better now. Once he's back on the mend I start to sleep better. I'm pretty sure as tired as I've been these past few days, I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight anyway. So, until tomorrow...

Love you more than all the "junk" at garage sales across America.

Dream Big,

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